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Work completed and projects in progress:

'The Field Game, the History of Eton Football' (2012-2013)
  • Wrote and illustrated, a fully illustrated history with stories and team photos from 1858 to the present day.

  • Published by Essential Works Ltd, Cloth Edition ISBN: 9781906615017 & Limited Leather Edition ISBN: 9780995638501

'The Paris Trap' (2017)
  • Wrote and illustrated a book on the traditions and colours of Eton College.

  • Published by Essential Works Ltd, ISBN: 9781906615017

'Eton Colours An Essential Illustrated Aide Memoire' (2008)

'When it Happened in Scotland, a very short history etc..' (2009)

  • Illustrated a book on the short history of Scotland's key events and battles

  • Author: George Chamier

  • Published by Noble MacMillan, ISBN: 9781849010061 

'Like a Tramp like a Pilgrim' (2014)

  • Illustrated with maps and vignettes of a Pilgrim's journey from Canterbury to Rome.

  • Author: Harry Bucknall

  • Published by Bloomsbury Continuum, ISBN: 9781408187241

'Eton Colours An Essential Illustrated Aide Memoire' (2016)

  • Wrote and illustrated a second improved edition.

  • Published by Glenorchy Publishing ISBN: 9780995638501

  • Formed Glenorchy Publishing.

  • Worked on various commissions for clients.

  • Illustrated with maps and vignettes.

  • Author; Crispin Black

  • Published, (release date Aug 2017) Gibson Square Books Ltd, ISBN: 9781783341153

  • Shortly to start work on two other of the authors books.

'When it happened in Britain, a very short history etc..' (2009)

  • Illustrated the follow up book on Britain's key events and battles

  • Author: George Chamier

  • Published by Noble MacMillan, ISBN: 9781845296452

Published Works & Illustrations

  • Commissioned by HRH The Prince Andrew to do the official Christmas card from his office. (2011)

  • Commissioned to do all new House greetings cards and mug designs for Eton College via The Eton Stationers. (2015 onwards)

  • Commissioned to do the Christmas Card for the Old Etonian Association. (2017)

  • Commissioned to do various drawings and vignettes for New & Lingwood, including their 2017 Christmas card.(2015 onwards)

  • Various caricature commission (2010 onwards)

  • Illustrated an advertising campaign for Bellamy's Restaurant, London (2016)


Other unpublished works & projects

  • Completed the illustrations for 'The Zoo Story', a series of poems by the actress and singer Lizbeth Webb. As yet unpublished. (2010)

  • Wrote and illustrated 'Grandma's Garden', a children's book, of a 32 page. A proposed series of three. As yet unpublished. (2010)


Photoshop 2019

Graphic Design

Drawing & Design

Wacom art pad

  • Worked on two projects with a well known Children's author, one to completion, both as yet unpublished. (2011-2012)

  • Working on two book projects, one on the Crimea and one on WW2.

  • The Crimean book based on diaries of those who served and fought, with extensive research from the archives at the Guards Regiments at Wellington Barracks.

  • The WW2 book is based on my uncle's diaries after his capture at St Valery in 1940 with the 51st Highland Division. The book was edited initially by A.P Herbert, lawyer, MP and playwright and also close friend of my mother's.

  • I am aiming to bring the book life with explanatory notes, maps and illustrations to finish the work started by my uncle. (2015 onwards)

  • Illustrated and worked on a series of three cookery books ostensibly for the 'Yachty' community with spin-offs for Alpine and British game sports. As yet unpublished. (2014-2016)

  • Formed Glenorchy Publishing. (2016)

  • Working on a comic strip of the adventures of a Border Terrier, 'Dash' on 'Instagram'. Proposed weekly serialisation. As yet unpublished.

  • Working on the illustrations of a third Harry Bucknall book.

  • Illustrated an article on the 'Yellow Earl" for Field                            Sports Magazine.

  • Putting together two books for another cartoonist under Glenorchy publishing.

  • Putting together a series of cartoons, 30 in all, for a joint exhibition in the Autumn 2018.


2010 - present
2010 - present
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